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SUMOylated NKAP is essential for chromosome alignment by anchoring CENP-E to kinetochores

发布日期:2017/1/23 11:16:18

期刊名称:Nature Communications


通迅作者: Xuemin Zhang and Qing Xia

作者单位:National Center of Biomedical Analysis



Chromosome alignment is required for accurate chromosome segregation. Chromosome misalignment can result in genomic instability and tumorigenesis. Here, we show that NF-κB activating protein (NKAP) is critical for chromosome alignment through anchoring CENP-E to kinetochores. NKAP knockdown causes chromosome misalignment and prometaphase arrest in human cells. NKAP dynamically localizes to kinetochores, and is required for CENP-E kinetochore localization. NKAP is SUMOylated predominantly in mitosis and the SUMOylation is needed for NKAP to bind CENP-E. A SUMOylation-deficient mutant of NKAP cannot support the localization of CENP-E on kinetochores or proper chromosome alignment. Moreover, Bub3 recruits NKAP to stabilize the binding of CENP-E to BubR1 at kinetochores. Importantly, loss of NKAP expression causes aneuploidy in cultured cells, and is observed in human soft tissue sarcomas. These findings indicate that NKAP is a novel and key regulator of mitosis, and its dysregulation might contribute to tumorigenesis by causing chromosomal instability.



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